Our Services

I’m not sure I want ongoing advisory services. Do you provide consulting services on a one-time, project basis?
Currently, we work exclusively with clients on an ongoing basis. That’s because we view financial planning and investing as ongoing processes that don’t lend themselves well to one-time, “snapshot” recommendations. 

If I become a Financial Research client, who will I be working with?
Jay H. Cowles, CFP® works directly with all clients. However, support staff may help with administrative activities, such as completing Schwab forms or updating client information.  

How do you communicate with clients?
We allow clients to determine the frequency and type (email, phone, meeting, etc.) of client communications that they’d prefer. All clients receive investment portfolio review reports and market commentary on a quarterly basis, in addition to periodic email newsletters. 

Charles Schwab and Company

Are you an employee of Charles Schwab and Company?
No, we’re not employed or affiliated with Charles Schwab in any way. We act as agents of our clients, who have granted us the authority to service their accounts and interact with Schwab on their behalf. Typical activities include placing investment transactions, requesting cash withdrawals, and other account-servicing activities.

Does Charles Schwab charge for its services?
Yes, there may be transactions costs charged by Schwab for trading in securities, such as stocks and Exchange-Traded Funds (“ETFs”). For no-load mutual funds, some funds have transaction fees, while others are “No-Transaction-Fee” funds.  We have negotiated a discounted fee schedule for all transactions in our clients’ accounts at Schwab. Note that Schwab may also charge for miscellaneous services such as wire transfers, stop-payments on checks, etc.

Account Transfers

How do I transfer my investment accounts to Schwab?
Schwab’s transfer department handles all account transfers to Schwab. Once a new Schwab account has been opened, all that’s needed is a completed Schwab Account Transfer form and a copy of a recent account statement for the account being transferred.

What if I’m moving my 401(k) account into a Rollover IRA account?
All rollovers are processed by the 401(k) plan’s administrator. Usually all that’s needed is your Schwab account number and Schwab’s mailing address.

Do I have to liquidate the investments in my account before making a transfer to Schwab?
No, you can usually make a “like-kind” transfer of assets to your Schwab account. However, 401(k) account rollovers are always handled as cash transfers.


How secure is my personal information held at Financial Research?
We’re serious about protecting our clients’ personal information. This includes safeguards such as file encryption, exclusive use of wired (not wireless) networks, use of commercial shredding services, and a high level of office building security. In addition, company policy prohibits storing client information on laptops at any time.  For more information, please see our Privacy Policy posted on this website.

What if I want to terminate advisory services?
You can stop receiving our services at any time and for whatever reason. There are no termination charges.