Managing Your Investments

Successful wealth management depends upon intelligent investing. To manage our clients’ assets, we use a disciplined investment process to get solid long-term returns, while managing downside investment risks.  

Our investment program started back in 1991. 
Since its inception, we've built balanced, globally-diversified investment portfolios, with an emphasis on minimizing taxes and transaction costs.

We manage your investment risks

Our first step is to determine the level of investment risk that’s appropriate for your investment portfolio. To do that, we rely on a risk profiling process that we first developed in 1991, as well as consulting services provided by an industry leader in risk analysis.

We put a strong emphasis on managing downside risks, with a bias toward investment vehicles that tend to outperform in down markets.

A tactical approach to asset allocation
Over time, we've adjusted our models to reflect structural changes in the financial markets and global economy. We rely upon a flexible approach to investing, not a fixed, “buy-and-hold” strategy.  

In particular, we don’t like losing money and keep a big emphasis on minimizing portfolio volatility. Since 1991, our investment process has provided an extra layer of protection to clients’ investment assets in volatile markets.

About Schwab Advisor Services
All client accounts are custodied at Schwab Advisor Services, a subsidiary of Charles Schwab & Company that works exclusively with investment advisors.  

There are good reasons why Schwab Advisor Services serves over 6,000 independent investment advisors, with over $600 billion in custodied assets. We’ve used Schwab since 1992 and believe Schwab provides our clients with the best package of financial services available.  

How do we select investments?
For most clients, we build investment portfolios that are a diversified blend of no-load mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).  

When evaluating funds, we’re extremely selective. Out of over 14,500 funds available through Schwab, only a few dozen meet our standards. Many of the funds we utilize are not directly available to individual investors or are accessed via lower-cost institutional share classes. 

Consistently-superior, risk-adjusted performance: that's what we look for in a fund manager. And to have confidence that a fund manager will continue to outperform in the future, we look for historical returns that were the result of intellectual substance, not just luck.

Quarterly Portfolio Reviews
We review each client’s investment portfolio every quarter. We make sure that asset allocation is in line with the client’s objectives. We monitor for tax-efficiency and low expenses. And we evaluate the performance of all funds held in the portfolio. 

Clients receive portfolio review reports and detailed market commentary each quarter, in addition to monthly account statements from Schwab.