We help clients in a wide range of financial situations, dealing with different client issues and different client objectives. The profiles below provide a brief description of client situations we work with on a regular basis.

Wealth Accumulator
This type of client has attained a high level of earned income and sees the need for a solid financial gameplan.

  • Is focused on building wealth to achieve financial independence
  • Wants professional investment management
  • Tax planning and cash-flow management are increasingly important
  • May be saving for college expenses or other important goals

Retirement or a second career are on the horizon. A common question is, "When can I quit working and still be confident that future expenses will be covered?"

  • Needs to clearly understand where they stand financially
  • Wants to make informed decisions on retirement benefit elections
  • Plans to transfer assets from a retirement plan into a Rollover IRA account
  • Interested in professional investment management

Financially Independent
People who have attained financial independence want to make sure they don't lose it. They’ve worked hard to get where they are and want to see their wealth continue to grow while also protecting their assets.

  • Cash management is important
  • Emphasis is on solid portfolio management and loss avoidance
  • Smart estate planning strategies may be a priority
  • Wants to avoid making any big financial mistakes

Suddenly Single
If recently divorced or widowed, many people realize they need to better understand their financial position.

  • Wants a clearer understanding of where they are today
  • Interested in clarifying their financial objectives and life goals
  • Wants to gain the ability to make informed decisions
  • Values the education that a financial advisor can provide
Client Profiles
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